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Cable Strain Relief

A comprehensive range of molded parts designed for use in general harnessing applications. These adhesive lined parts provide excellent strain relief and sealing at connector cable terminations and cable to cable transitions.

Avoid conductor breakage
The insulating and strain relieving capabilities of our solder sleeves terminators provide the ideal solution to centre-conductor breakage problems.

High temperatures
KBM100 is ideal for electrical insulation and strain relief of components that are exposed to high temperatures either during sterilisation or during operations.

Fine gauge and fibre
For fine-gauge wire (24-42AWG) and fibre optic cables, heat shrinkable Micro-Tube is used to provide strain relief and insulation. Often used in such end products as:

  • medical devices
  • computers
  • communications equipment
  • commercial electronic products

Recommended products to reduce stress on components:

  • 202A111 to 196 Straight Boots
  • 202D121 to 196 Straight Lipped Boot
  • 202K121 to 185 Straight Lipped Boot
  • 222A111 to 196 Right-angled Boot
  • 242W042 to 63 45◦ angled boot
  • 207W213 to 256 Two-part feedthrough
  • T transitions
  • Slim line trnasitions
  • Solder Sleeves
  • Crimp sleeves
  • MFT-MT1000/Micro Tube
  • CWT
  • Duraseal
  • KBM100/MT1000

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