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Mechanical Protection

An array of heat shrinkable tubing and braid products to provide superior mechanical protection.

Heat shrinkable tubing can be used to provide mechanical protection for hoses and pipes and can also be used as a solution to reduce problems caused by wire chafing or cable abrasion.

There is an extensive range of braided products that offer this kind of protection in a wide variety of applications, including Automotive, Mass Transit, Marine & Military.

We also have an extensive range of products in our convoluted conduit system, in PTFE and PEEK materials

Recommended products:

  • PLDW100/ATUM
  • PLM100A/MWTM
  • PPS Braid/Versaflex
  • PPS-PA66
  • Convoluted Tubing
  • PTFE convoluted tubing
  • PEEK convoluted tubing
  • RT175/Kynar/RW175

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