Our Story

In 1992 the founding members of PMG Company were working for the market leader Raychem in all things heat shrinkable. Teena Ackary and Barbara Hayton then took a leap of faith into the great unknown launching a start-up business Plastronic UK. This would ultimately become the PMG Company that is known today.

Critical to the evolution of this start up business was Plastronic B.V, a small independent manufacturer based in Barneveld the Netherlands. Plastronic had developed an alternative method of cross linking heat shrinkable tubing. The Raychem Corporation had pioneered this process using high energy electron beam technology. Meanwhile, Plastronic developed a method of achieving the same result chemically.

Our Destiny

Our future goals at PMG Company are to continue our pattern of year on year growth by offering you both branded and private label

To Go Boldly or Boldly Go

Our mission statement underpins all our efforts:

“PMG Company strives to develop enduring partnerships with our suppliers and company members to provide a truly excellent level of service to all our customers”.

The founding members are now passing the baton to the management team Justin Miller and Amanda Williams.


Saline Cross-linkable Tubing

In the 1990 the Plastronic brand was launched based on real innovation. Until 1990 the cross-linking process that provides heat shrinkable compounds with ‘memory’ was achieved using E-beam radiation technology. In contrast,  Plastronic tubing was launched based on saline-crosslinkable compounds.

The Impact

The Plastronic brand gained immediate recognition as a high quality commercially priced alternative to the market leaders such as Raychem, Sumitomo and ECC. Approved supplier status was granted at companies like Boeing, Lockhead Martin, Texas Instruments, Audi and Gyrus. Medical Grade Tubing was a specialisation right from the inception of the brand. Furthermore, FDA USP Class V1 approval was gained on the medical grade tubing KBM100.

The Change-Up

2000 was a significant year for the brand. PMG Company had been marketing the brand in the UK since 1992, and in 1998 trade marked ‘Plastronic’ ‘PLF100’ and ‘KBM100’ for the UK only. Then in 2000 Tyco owners of the Raychem brand, purchased PLastronic B.V. Therefore becoming the owners of the ‘Plastronic’ brand in Europe. Later that year Tyco appointed PMG Company as the global distributors for the Plastronic brand.


Our high quality, market leading products are competitively priced. As well as conforming to internationally recognised product specifications. Our ability to consistently provide exceptional levels of customer service is derived from the our exceptional and experienced team. We trade worldwide under the auspices of ISO: 9001:2008 and all of our products are RoHS and Reach Compliant.

Being a specialist supplier, we are proud to be able to offer all of our customers ultimate flexibility in the way our product is delivered. We have an extensive standard stock profile available for same day shipment. We also successfully work with businesses of all sizes by taking advantage of our large range of standard cost effective options. We have been particularly successful in demonstrating our ability to support high volume manufacturers with a range of customised inventory and logistics programmes.


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Company Registration Number: 3580148