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Cable Sleeve Applications

Product solutions specific to your application or engineering challenge.

The extensive range of materials and product options available cover most application requirements. Whether you are looking for a cable sleeve product to provide insulation against electrical current, seal against water ingress or simply to make your wire or cable look better, we have a product for you.


Products desgined specifically to operate as an electrical insulator.  These materials prohibit electric charges from flowing freely, making it nearly impossible to conduct an electric current.

Abrasion Resistance

Products designed specifically to protect a substrate from the process of scraping or wear through abrasive contact.


Products designed to prevent and protect electronic components, wires and cable harnesses from water ingress and corrosive damage.

Chemical Protection

Products designed to protect wires, cables or pipes from damage resulting from exposure to chemicals.  Damage can be caused by fuels, acids and other abrasive chemicals and aggressive substances.

EMI/RFI Shielding

Products that protect against Electromagnetic interference EMI (also called radio-frequency interference RFI). The disturbances caused may degrade the performance of the circuit or even stop it from functioning.

Mechanical Protection

Products designed to protect the wire, cable or pipe from any mechanical damage.  Damage can be caused by physical impact, cutting, external stresses or by nature of use.

Strain Relief

Products designed to provide reinforcement at the point where cabling meets a connector or plug.  These products allow flexibility in the cable without putting stress on the vulnerable joint.


Products designed to make wire and harness systems identifiable. These can be as simple as colour coding or as complex pre-printed and cut marker sleeves.

Cosmetic Appearance

Simple beautification of electronic systems. Used to tidy, organise and decorate electronic components in a simple and cost effective manner.

Miniaturisation & Weight Reduction

Products designed to maximise space and weight efficiency requirements within high tech and innovate applications.