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We have an extensive choice of expandable braided sleeving in a variety of grades and a wide range of sizes.  If you require a non-standard length, cut piece or require any other specific modifications please feel free to contact us to arrange them.

We also provide samples of all our braided sleeving stock –  simply complete our request form, or call us on +44 (0) 1793 840 840.   All our braided sleeving solutions products are RoHS compliant. 

PPS Expandable Braided Sleeving

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PPS-WRAP Wrap-Around Braided Sleeving

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PA66 Nylon Braided Sleeving

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PPS-FR Flame Retardant Braid
PPS-FR Flame Retardant Braided Sleeving

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Total Protection with Braided Sleeving

Braided cable insulation is the easiest way to organise your cables and wiring, whilst offering mechanical protection and thermal insulation. It can be used to secure cables and minimise tangling or external damage. This type of sleeving also protects cables from breakage or cracking due to strain and movement stressors. Tangled and knotted cables are not only a safety hazard due to the increased risk of tripping, they can also generate electromagnetic fields and heat. With the right product, cables remain tidy, organised and, most of all, safe.  Please contact us if you need assistance in choosing items to suit your requirements.

Our braided sleeving ranges:

PPS Expandable Braided Sleeve is an expandable polyester braided sleeve that offers durable abrasion resistance for commercial and industrial use.


  • Automotive wire and hose protection
  • Abrasion protection in commercial applications
  • Protection of air conditioning hoses

PPS-FR – Polyester Expandable Braid is an expandable braided sleeve constructed from a flame retardant PET material.


  • Automotive wire and hose protection
  • Abrasion protection in commercial applications
  • Protection of air conditioning hoses

PA66 – NylonExpandable Braided Sleeving is manufactured from a Nylon™ 6.6 monofilament yarn that provides exceptional resistance against abrasion.


    • Protection of wire harnesses and cable assemblies against abrasion in automotive, aerospace and military applications.
  • Protection of fluid pipes and air conditioning conduits.

PPS-METAL – Expandable Metal Screening Braid is designed to provide sensitive cables with EMC protection to shield them against electromagnetic, electrostatic and radio frequency interference.


  • Widely used in aircraft, military vehicles, communications systems and satellite installations.
  • Commonly found in airports, shopping centres, passenger terminals and in power plants. Also used in factories and on broadcast equipment.

NBS – Nomex™ Braided Sleeving is manufactured by braiding Nomex™ yarn to produce a thin walled and highly expandable structure that is easy to install and will conform to complex shapes.


  • Protection of wires and cable bundles against flame, high temperatures, and mechanical abrasion, it is also oil and water repellent and offers excellent resistance to gamma and x-rays.
  • Primarily used in the military and defence market sectors for use in the protection of wire and cable harnesses from the dangers of intense flame or heat.
  • Used in motor sport and by fire departments or for use in any high-temperature environment.

PPS-WRAP – Polyester Wraparound Braided Sleeving is a flexible wraparound protective sleeve.


  • Mechanical protection of wires in motor vehicles & trains
  • Used to minimise vibration of hoses and wire harnesses
  • Industrial applications where abrasion resistance and cut through protection is key

PPS-SIL4- Silicone braided Sleeving is a braided ‘E’ glass sleeve which that has been coated with a Silicone rubber.


  • Suitable for Thermal Class 180 (Class H) applications
  • Used outdoors as is good against ozone, ultraviolet, radiation, and humidity
  • Insulation of internal wiring on electrical machines

PPS-ACR – Acrylic Coated ‘E’ Glass Braid is constructed from braided ‘E’ glass sleeving which is coated with a Polyurethane acrylic resin.


  • Widely used in class F motors, transformers and where coolants FREON 12 and 22 are present
  • Commonly used in household appliances, lamps & vehicles
  • Insulation of internal wiring on electrical machines

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