Expandable Braided Sleeving

Expandable braided sleeving is a high quality and cost-effective way to protect your cables and cable harnesses. These products are in stock and available for next day delivery. For information, expert advice and additional services, read on.

What is braided sleeving?

Braided sleeving is a catch-all term for a range of protective sleeves commonly used to cover and organise cables and cable bundles. The product is extremely flexible as it is manufactured from of filament yarns that have been woven together. This construction allows it to expand and retract, which is the key feature of the product and what makes it a user-friendly, easy to install and cost effective product.

When braided sleeving ends are pushed together the diameter of the sleeving grows, allowing you to easily slide the product over your cables. When the sleeving ends are released or pulled in the opposite direction, the sleeving becomes longer and narrower. This gripping action allows it to conform perfectly to your wires, cables, and hoses. In other words, it works just like Chinese finger cuffs!

Braided sleeving is available in many materials Including:

The range of materials take a simple principle and make it fit a myriad of applications, markets and environments.  For example:

  1. Nylon braid, which is extremely tough and hard wearing, is ideal for use in car wiring looms, to protect the cables from abrasion and vibration.
  2. Flame retardant braid can be used in areas where flame propagation is particularly dangerous or harmful.
  3. Low fire hazard braided sleeving are products that have a low halogen content are commonly used in public areas where toxic fumes are a key factor.
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What is it used for?

If you’re looking for a cable management product to keep your cabling organised, then braided sleeving gets the job done. However, this is not its only feature, protection also plays a massive part. It is perfect for providing mechanical and abrasion protection for your cables, wires, pipes and hoses. Many of our customers utilize this product to guard against friction, high temperatures or even fire. Many of the products are designed to be flame retardant with some qualified to UL-224 VW-1.

These products also excel at reducing noise and dampening vibration and are used extensively in household and commercial applications as a cable organiser or cable tidy.

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What are the advantages?

Braided Sleeving fits tightly around wire bundles with a negligible change to the overall diameter or total weight of the application. The tight fit also helps to reduce snags and the flexible construction of the sleeving allows the installation to be routed through small spaces and around tight turns.

Another great selling point – it can be used to cover cables that include connectors, plugs and transitions up to 4 times the size of its nominal diameter.  The expandability and flexibility also allow for extremely long lengths to be covered quickly and easily.

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What other services are available?

We also offer our customers a range of bespoke value added services:

Braided sleeving cut or spooled to almost any length you require (thanks to our own in-house manufacturing facility).

A wide range of kitting options are available ranging from simple customised assorted braided sleeving boxes, through to bespoke ready to build harness kits.

Products can be packaged, labeled and boxed specifically to meet your needs.  Custom spool sizes and customer specific labels are most commonly requested.

From simple scheduling, to Kanban or ‘Just-in-time’ systems, we can provide a tailor made solution. Our experienced logistics team can work with your business to maximise the efficiency of inventory control and deliveries.

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