Specialists in heat-shrink tubing and cable-harnessing products

Specialists in heat-shrink tubing and cable-harnessing products

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Mechanical Protection

PPS-Wrap Braided Sleeving

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Mechanical Protection

An array of heat shrinkable tubing and braid products to provide superior mechanical protection.

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Heat shrinkable tubing can be used to provide mechanical protection for hoses and pipes and can also be used as a solution to reduce problems caused by wire chafing or cable abrasion.

There is an extensive range of braided products that offer this kind of protection in a wide variety of applications, including Automotive, Mass Transit, Marine & Military.

We also have an extensive range of products in our convoluted conduit system, in PTFE and PEEK materials

Recommended products:

  • PLDW100/ATUM
  • PLM100A/MWTM
  • PPS Braid/Versaflex
  • PPS-PA66
  • Convoluted Tubing
  • PTFE convoluted tubing
  • PEEK convoluted tubing
  • RT175/Kynar/RW175
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