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Cross reference guide

Can I cross refer heat shrink tubing part descriptions?

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Many people ask us to cross refer heat shrink tubing part numbers.  If you have a description from another supplier or manufacturer and you would like to cross-refer this to a PMG Company product then please contact us.

If you already now the product description, then the table below gives a quick and easy cross reference guide:

Cross refer heat shrink tubing part numbers and product families

PMG CompanyRaychem
DSG-CanusaHellerman Sumitomo3MLG
PLF103RNF-3000CPX-300TF31B2 (3X)SFTW-203GSHS-3635
PMG CompanyAlphaFiniSHRINKShrintekHilltopCableorganser 
PLM100(A) MA    
PLCE100(A)MECEnd Caps

For more information on how to cross refer heat shrink tubing part numbers, please contact using the form below:

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Heat shrink colours

What colours are heat shrink tubings available in?

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Heat shrink colours – What colours are heat shrink tubings available in?

When it comes to heat shrink colours, many people ask us the same question, “what colours are heat shrink tubing products available in?”.  The answer is in fact quite complicated as the products are available in a wide range of colours; some standard and some that are specialist or bespoke.

The first thing to know is that that within the electronics industry, standard colours are internationally recognised as follows:

Standard ColourAbreviationElectronics market Colour Code

The heat shrink colours listed in the table above will differ and are not controlled or standardised using a Pantone / RAL colour chart or similar colour scale, so between manufacturers (or even different batches of the same manufacturers material), it is not uncommon to find slight colour variation.  In fact, this should almost be expected.

Colours supplied by one manufacturer in a certain product family or range should always be similar and within a few “shades”, but a different product material type from the same manufacturer, will probably be different.  The key reason for this is that each material is made up of a mix of “ingredients” that has been specifically formulated to give the intended properties to the material.  Because ingredients differ the ratio of colourant and the base material and property giving additives will differ, hence, the colour will differ.   In simple terms, you could use the same amount of food colouring in two different sponge cakes, but if the flour is a different colour, you are likely to get a different shade of sponge at the end.

To view some of our heat shrink products and the available colours, please click here

When it comes to bespoke colours, many applications now call for the heat shrink tubing to be supplied to a specific Pantone or RAL colour (or another industry standard colour code), these are available but usually have to be manufactured specifically to meet the individual requirement.  This is generally not a problem but the following considerations must always be made:

  1.  It is likely the MOQ (minimum order quantity) will be greatly increased.
  2. The price is likely to be much higher than normal.
  3. A significant lead time is likely to be imposed.

For our full range of heat shrink tubing products, please click here.

If you have a requirement for a bespoke colour or you just want some more information, please contact us using the form below:

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Can I have a sample

Can I have a sample?

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Do you need a sample?

It is very common for engineers and product specifiers to ask for a sample of the product they intend to use on a project or in a certain application.  This is generally used to qualify the product or to ensure that the product performs as required.

Here at PMG Company, we understand this and believe that it is in the interest of all parties to ensure that the product chosen is the correct one for the application and the best way to understand this is to trial it.

For this reason, we are pleased to supply small product sample for you to evaluate before you place an order with us. Most of our products are kept in stock so are readily available.

Whenever possible, we will supply our product samples free of charge, but for large volumes or international shipments, we may need to ask you to help us share the cost burden. In such cases, we will work with you to ensure that this is done at the very minimum of cost and inconvenience to you.

To request a sample or speak to us for some more information, please complete the form below:

Conflict Minerals Statement

Do PMG Company have a conflict mineral policy?

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Conflict Minerals Statement

On 22 August 2012, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published regulations implementing Section 1502 of the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act governing Conflict Minerals.  PMG Company complies with the SEC regulations requiring supply chain reporting and reasonable due diligence with respect to the sourcing of these minerals and the products in which they are contained.

Accordingly, PMG’s policy on Conflict Minerals declares:

  1. PMG strives to have a Conflict Free supply chain, and is committed to sourcing products and materials from non-conflict sources;
  2. PMG expects that its suppliers have processes in place to trace their materials and products to ensure that Conflict Minerals contained in products do not originate from mines within the DRC and the surrounding region;
  3. To further the benefits of Section 1502 and promote its intended purpose, PMG will work with suppliers with underdeveloped processes, providing information and guidance in an attempt to increase supply chain transparency.

PMG provides all suppliers identified under the SEC regulations with a Reasonable Country of Origin survey. This survey must be completed by those suppliers to ensure continued eligibility to do business with PMG. Suppliers will also need to certify, in writing, that they have procedures in place to demonstrate that materials and products are sourced in accordance with PMG standards and to assure the reliability of the survey responses. Based on the survey results, PMG may require additional information from those same suppliers in order to determine whether or not a supplier’s products or materials are indeed “Conflict Free”.

PMG recognises the challenges that lie ahead in establishing reasonable practices to break through existing complexities and barriers to information throughout the Conflict Minerals supply chain. Working together, PMG and its suppliers can help establish traceability of Conflict Minerals that will promote the eradication of human rights abuses associated with DRC regional mining activities, and assurance to our end customers that our products and materials are responsibly sourced.

Authorised Signatory for PMG Company Ltd

Name:  Ben Parsons

Position:  General Manager

Heat Shrink and Braid Cut Lengths

Can You Supply Your Products In Cut Lengths?

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Can you supply your products in cut lengths?

Here at PMG Company we have our own in-house cutting shop that enables us to supply cut lengths on the vast majority of our various tubings and sleevings.  These products can be cut to almost any length you require and we can control the cutting very closely allowing for tight tolerances to be adhered to.

Customer requirements are becoming ever more complex and it’s clear that additional support is required.  That’s why PMG Company took the decision to set up a range of additional services, key to the list is the cutting shop.  It give you, our customers the flexibility you require.

If you need a braided or a heat shrinkable sleeving product in cut lengths or supplied cut to a specific tolerance, then look no further. Our ‘in house’ cutting shop is equipped with a range of specialised cutting machines including:

  • Hot knife cutters – for cutting braid and prevent fraying.
  • Standard vertical blade cutters – for accurate and clean heat shrink sleeve cutting
  • Tolerance cutters – for tight cut length tolerances, as well as controlled angle of the cut.
  • High volume commercial – used for high quantity runs

As a standard offering, our cut length service is available in bags of 100 pieces, 250 pieces, 500 pieces and 1000 pieces as standard.   Obviously, for bulk enquiries or small batch runs, we are happy to help and the numbers can be customised where needed.

For more information on our cutting services, please click here.

For all your cut length requirements please contact us using the form below:

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Pre Printing Services

Can You Print On Heat Shrink Tubing?

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Printing – Can You Print On Heat Shrink Tubing?

We have our own on-site and fully equipped printing facility that enables us to print on our full range of heat shrink tubing and identification products.

The complexity of electrical systems is increasing and the need to identify wires and cables is becoming more important. With this in mind, we set up a facility to provide bespoke services for customer printing and identification requirements.

Ranging from simple prints on continuous tubes (with or without scoring to allow the product to be torn and applied) through to individually printed and sequences pieces, our print shop can provide you with a made to measure solution.

Many customers simply require printing onto standard (and stocked) heat shrink tubing products. This provides a convenient and inexpensive additional service (there is a small fee). Options include:

  • Text
  • Serial numbers
  • Logos
  • Graphics
  • Continuous lengths
  • Cut pieces

As well as printing on standard heat shrink sleeves, we can also provide our full range of identification products pre-printed to your request.

With over 30 years of market knowledge and experience, we can also provide advice and expertise to help you choose the right solution:

  • Which materials to use
  • Print performance
  • Application advice

For more information on our printing services, please click here.

For all your printing requirements please contact us using the form below:

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