Global revenues in the Military and Defence sector are slowly declining, but America remains the dominant player, with Europe gaining ground. The challenge moving forwards will be how to grow profitable sales of cable harnesses and subassemblies in a declining market. The focus may shift to next-generation product development in cyber security, defense electronics, precision strike, unmanned vehicles and advanced analytics.

Military & Defence Market Segments

The Military & Defence market can be categorised as follows:

  • Ground Defence
  • Military Aerospace
  • Military Marine
  • Missile Defence
  • Space
  • Unmanned vehicles

PMG Product Applications

  • Data Harnesses
  • Electro Mechanical Sub-Assemblies
  • Engine & Transmission Harnesses
  • Missile Launch & Sub Systems
  • Potted Sub Assemblies
  • Power Harnesses
  • Ruggedised Assemblies
  • Sub System Assemblies
  • Signal Harnesses

Overview of products approved for Military & Defence applications

Products Available on Request. Please Contact Us to Place an Order

  • RNF100
  • DR-TW Thinwall
  • RW-200
  • TTMS
  • Moulded Parts
  • S1125 Adhesive Kits
  • RT-375
  • Ray-101
  • Ray-103
  • MT-MFT Microbore
  • Mil-Spec Wires
  • Zipper Shielding Wrap
  • EPDS

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