PPS-ACR Acrylic Coated Braided Sleeving

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PPS-ACR IS an acrylic coated braided glass sleeving that is Class F (155°C) rated and commonly used in the manufacture of motor vehicle wire harnesses.

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PPS-ACR acrylic coated braided sleeving is Class F (155°C) rated and commonly used in the manufacture of motor vehicle wire harnesses.

PPS-ACR is constructed from textile glass and a specially developed impregnation of PU-acrylic resin that has been woven to form a braided sleeve. The combination of these two polymers allows the product to be used for electrical insulation in many applications requiring high thermal and mechanical demands.

PPS-ACR Acrylic Coated Braided Sleeving is used in motor vehicle wiring harness manufacture for the bunching, consolidation and protection of cables. This product is also widely used for the insulation of winding lead outs and joints on Class F rated (155°C) induction motors and alternators. It is also used extensively on transformer/choke winding lead outs.

Resistant to high temperature, aggressive fluids and gases.
Electric strength – 2.5kV
Temperature rating – Class F (155°C continuous opersating temparature)
Short term exposure up to 200°C.
Available in diameters of 0.5mm – 20mm
Standard colours – black and yellow
The specially formulated acrylic resin coatings are applied as aqueous solutions and hence the sleeving manufacturing process has no significant environmental hazard.

Technical Data

Maximum Operating Temperature200°C Flash Exposure – 155°C continuous
Flame resistanceself-extinguishing due to UL 94 V0 rated materials
Electric Strength2.5kV Insulation Resistance
Dimensionsstandard nominal diameters 0.5 – 20 mm; endless manufactured; supplied in coils or on reels
Physical AttributesElectrical breakdown voltage ~2.5 kV, colours available on request
chemical resistanceExcellent resistance against transformer oils, fuels and lubricants. High resistance against water, cleaning agents and salt spray fog.
Standards ApplicableIEC 684-3-404
ASTM D-372
NEMA VS-1 – Grade C1 2.5kV
SpecificationsIEC 684-3 403/405
RoHS Compliant

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