PTFE Non Shrink Transparent Tubing

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Transparent non-shrink PTFE tubing. Commonly used in areas of high temperature, or where avoidance of contamination is desired.  Supplied in standard coils of 5m.

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Our PTFE coils are a made from a transparent non-shrink PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) material that is widely used in areas of high temperature, or where avoidance of contamination is desired. This material tubing has become the gold standard in industries requiring the ultimate in lubricity, high-temperature use, chemical resistance, and precision extruded tolerances.  PTFE have the lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer and possesses a broad temperature range, allowing it to excel equally in extreme cold and hot environments.

PTFE is commonly used in advanced applications such as lifesaving medical devices and industrial equipment operating in demanding environments.

Solvent Resistant
Chemical Resistant
Mechanical resistant
Braod operating temperature -67°C to +250°C


General Installation temperature
Ultimate elongation
Tensile strength
60% minimum
200% minimum
21 MPa
Dielectric strength
27.5 kV/mm minimum
Heat ageing
168 hours at 350°C
4 hours at 400°C
Duration of burning
15seconds maximum
Fluid resistance
Gasoline ISO 1817 liquid test B
Hydraulic fluid H515
Lubricating oil to O-149
Def Stan 59-97 Type 5B
BS 3G-198
RoHS Compliant


Part NumberDescriptionAWG SizeRS Components Equivalent PartSupplied Internal Diameter (mm)Coil Size (m)
PTFE-0.71-CLR-5MTransparent 0.71mm PTFE Cable Sleeve22404-5160.715
PTFE-0.89-CLR-5MTransparent 0.89mm PTFE Cable Sleeve20404-5220.895
PTFE-1.01-CLR-5MTransparent 1.01mm PTFE Cable Sleeve19404-5121.015
PTFE-1.27-CLR-5MTransparent 1.27mm PTFE Cable Sleeve 17404-4651.275
PTFE-1.91-CLR-5MTransparent 1.91mm PTFE Cable Sleeve 13404-4611.915
PTFE-3.05-CLR-5MTransparent 3.05mm PTFE Cable Sleeve 9404-4933.055

Standard colour: Transparent
Full details on technical specifications, test methods and values are available on request.

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