RNF-3000 3:1 Raychem Heat Shrink Tubing

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RNF-3000 is a Raychem heat shrink tubing that is a specially formulated sleeve offering a shrink ratio of 3:1. The higher expansion ratio is designed for use when wide-ranging substrate diameters need to be covered. RNF-3000 allows a smaller number of sizes to be stocked for a wider range of applications.

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RNF-3000 Product Overview

RNF-3000 is a flexible, high shrink ratio, flame retardant polyolefin tubing designed for the insulation and protection of wires, cables, ectrical terminations and connections. Also suitable for light duty harnessing, jacketing and identification.

The 3:1 shrink ratio allows a few sizes to cover a wide range of diameters, allowing you to minimise the inventory holding, The RNF-3000’s high shrink ratio also allows for awkward and irregular shapes product to be easily accommodated.

RNF-3000 has excellent physical, chemical and electrical that meet industry standards for a higly reliable general purpose tubing.

The Raychem brand of heat shrinkable sleeving  (now owned by TE Connectivity) is world renowned as the market leading product.  These products are the standard bearer and offer the best performing and highest quality product available.  The RNF-3000 product family is the original and best general purpose 3:1 heat shrink product on the market and although there are many cheaper and inferior products available, none of these have the track record and performance history. The original and the best.

Features & Benefits

  • Flame retardant (colours only) and extremely flexible
  • Operating Temparture:  -55ºC to 135ºC
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent electrical, chemical and physical properties
  • Available in a wide range of colours


  • Electrical insulation of wire and cables
  • Protection against abrasion and chemicals
  • Wire bundling and splice protection
  • Cable Identification and strain relief


  • UL 224 – E35586, 600V 125ºC
  • CSA – LR31929, 600V 125ºC
  • UL 224 – E35586, 600V 125ºC
  • UL 224 – E35586, 600V 125ºC
  • Def. Stan. 59-97 Type 2B
  • VG 95343 Pt.5 Type A (colours)
  • VG 95343 Pt.5 Type B (clear)
  • VDE 0341 Pt. 9005 Type A and B
  • RoHS Compliant

Ordering Details

Ordering Size (mm)Minimum ID Supplied (mm)Maximum ID Recovered (mm)Recovered Wall Thickness (mm)Standard Spool Size (m)

Technical Data

Installation temperature
Longitudinal change
+0% -10%
Dielectric strength
20 kV/mm minimum
Heat ageingLow temperature flexibility
168 hours at 175°C 4 hours at 250°C 4 hours at -55°C
Fire hazard
Duration of burning 15s max to ASTM D2671
Fluid resistance
At 23°C for 24 hours for the following fluids:
Aircraft fuel, ISO1817 test liquid B
Phosphate ester based to ISO1817 test
liquid 103 Lubricating oil ester based to ISO1817 test liquid 101
AMS-DTL-23053/5 Cl 1
UL E35586
CSA LR31929
Def Stan 59-97 Type 2b
BS4G-198 Pt3 11B
VDE 0341 Pt9005
VG 95343 Pt5 Type A+B
RoHS Compliant

Standard colour: Black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey, white and transparent.

Full details on technical specifications, test methods and values are available on request.

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