PL-LAM Self-Laminating Identification Marker

PL-LAM is a laminate identification marker.

PL-LAM Self-Laminating Identification Marker

PL-LAM is a self-laminating identification marker. Simply write your message on the sleeve and then laminate the marker to lock in and protect the identification from damage.  A reliable and cost effective way of marking and identifying your wires, cables and harnesses.

Physical data

Top-Film: Polyester (0-PET)
Thickness: 50μ
Halogen free
Colour: Transparent
Adhesive: Long life adhesive especially selected for lamination application.
UV resistant pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.
High adhesion on low energy surfaces.
Acrylic based adhesive
Liner: One side siliconized, totally chlorine-free (TCF), wood-free Kraft paper.
Weight: 120 g/m².
Color: White

Carrier-Film: UV stabilized Polypropylene (PP)
Thickness: 500 μ
Colour: Yellow
Halogen free


Standard colours: yellow

Operating temperature

-10°C to +60°C.

Service Lifetime

DTI has tested the product according to DS 1094.4: Expected service lifetime for the product is minimum 10 to 15 years without delamination.

General Remark

Long-term heat- and/or UV exposure may result in discoloration of the product.

Dimensions Data

ItemText area dimensionOverall dimensionsLabel recommended
LAM-048×010-YL48x10mm70x14mm40x6mm / 38.1×6.4mm - 6mm tape
LAM-055×015-YL55x15mm100x15mm50x10mm / 50.8×9.5mm - 9mm tape
LAM-085×015-YL85x15mm130x15mm75x10mm / 76.2×9.5mm - 9mm tape
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