45°Transitions Moulded Parts

Heat shrinkable transitions that provide a breakout at an angle of 45°

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Heat shrinkable transitions that provide a breakout at an angle of 45°

Heat shrinkable 45° side breakout transitions are widely used for mechanical protection and strain relief of connectors and cables that require one cable to branch off at a 45° angle.
These heat shrinkable transitions, with optional adhesive lining, form a watertight seal, protecting cables and equipment from corrosion and mechanical abuse while providing excellent electrical insulating properties that meet the requirements for most military, marine, mass transit and commercial applications.

All of our molded parts fit a wide variety of applications, and as such are available in various materials including:
Semi-rigid modified polyolefin – commonly used in commercial applications
Modified fluoroelastomer – for high temperature requirements
Fluid resistant elastomer – used in environments subject to fuels and fluids
Low fire hazard material – Low smoke, low toxicity material that is widely used in mass transit

To select the right part for your application, you first need to understand the following:

What shape do you require?
Which material is best suited for your application and environment?
Do you require the boot to be adhesive lined to provide additional environmental protection?

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