D-406 Duraseal® Butt Splices TE Connectivity / Raychem / Tyco

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DuraSeal® Heat-Shrinkable, Environmentally Sealed, Nylon Insulted Crimp Splices

The D-406 DuraSeal® series of butt crimp splices are manufactured from a tin-plated copper alloy base metal, heat shrinkable radiation crosslinked polyamide (nylon) with a polyamide based hot melt adhesive liner.

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DuraSeal ® Heat-Shrinkable, Environmentally Sealed, Nylon Insulted Crimp Splices

The D-406 DuraSeal ® series of butt crimp splices are manufactured from a tin-plated copper alloy base metal, heat-shrinkable radiation cross-linked polyamide (nylon) with a polyamide-based hot-melt adhesive liner.

Features & Benefits

  • Protects splices from water, condensation, salt, and corrosion
  • Provides strain relief
  • Protects against vibration in rugged environments
  • Completely insulates and protects electrical connections
  • Has adhesive lining for protection that is more reliable than conventional splices


  • Automotive/truck wiring repair and maintenance
  • Automotive accessory installations
  • OEM automotive/truck/RV wire harness fabrication
  • Marine electronics
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Commercial wiring (pumps/pools/spas)
  • Appliances

The D-406 series splice can be used to obtain an environment-resistant one-to-one in-line (butt) splice in wires meeting the size range and diameter restraints specified. Wires are to be stripped per table, inserted into opposite ends of the crimp barrel. The sleeve must be heated along its entire length until the crimp marks are gone and the ends of the sleeve recover onto the wires.

Product Dimensions

DuraSeal Dimensions

Ordering Details

Splice Dimension Splice Dimension Wire Dimension Wire Dimension
Ordering Description Colour Code Diameter (Ø A Min.) mm Length (L Nom.) mm Conductor Size (awg) Insulation OD Max. mm Insulation OD Min. mm
D-406-0001 Red 3.7 31.5 22 - 18 3.7 1.4
D-406-0002 Blue 4.6 31.5 16 - 14 4.6 2.0
D-406-0003 Yellow 6.5 37.5 12 - 10 6.5 2.8

Technical Data

General Informtion
Operating temperature -55°C to 125°C
Shrink Ratio Approximately 2:1
Physical Properties Cut-through resistance: 31 kg [70 lb] Wire pullout after crimping and recovery: red: 11.3 kg [25 lb]; blue: 22.7 kg [50 lb]; yellow: 27.2 kg [60 lb] Not flame-retardant No cracking after heat aging for 168 h at 160°C [320°F]
Chemical Properties Solvent resistance: isopropyl alcohol, trichloroethylene, gasoline, battery acid, diesel fuel, motor oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, 5% salt water
Electrical Properties Dielectric strength: 2500 Vac Insulation resistance: 1000 megohms at 100 Vdc
Specifications & Approvals UL and CUL listed 91J4File E87681Lloyd’s listedFile 65 247 HH 02-9RoHS Compliant

RoHS Compliant
Full details on technical specifications, test methods and values are available on request.

Installation Requirements

For proper installation of these devices, the correct crimp tool and a heating tool with a reflector attachment must be used. The AD-1522 crimp tool and HL1910E/ HL2010E heating tool are recommended. You will find ordering information for these tools in Section 10. Refer to TE installation procedure RPIP-821-00 for detailed instructions.

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