Expandable Braided Sleeving

Protect your cabling from hazards with our wire and fabric tubing.
This is expandable braided cable sleeving, in a variety of grades and a wide range of sizes. These products are used extensively for the bundling, mechanical protection and thermal insulation of wire and cables.

Need some help to find a product that suits your requirements? Please contact us to talk to an experienced industry professional.

Total Protection with Braided Sleeving

A wide range of expandable braided sleeving available in a range of grades. With metal and fabric braided sleeves, you can protect your cables from a selection of damaging factors; whether you are choosing heat resistant silicone or abrasion resistant PA66, the choice is comprehensive.

Braided cable insulation is a useful, convenient way of managing and protecting your cables. It can be used to secure cables and minimise tangling or external damage. This type of sleeving also protects cables from breakage or cracking due to strain and movement stressors. Tangled and knotted cables are not only a safety hazard due to the increased risk of tripping, they can also generate electromagnetic fields and heat. With the right product, cables remain tidy, organised and, most of all, safe.

We are Flexible When it comes to Braided Sleeving

When you place an order, we will supply you with a product that is manufactured to the highest standards. We ship internationally and regardless of where you are in the world, we can get it to you in a timely manner. If you need sleeving at a non-standard length, cut piece or require any other specific modifications please feel free to contact us to arrange them.

Products are available in a variety of grades for bundling, mechanical protection and thermal insulation. Please contact us if you need assistance in choosing items to suit your requirements.