Cable Identification Products

Heat shrinkable and cold applied cable identification products for pre and post-termination identification of wire and cables. These products are available in a variety of grades and formats and can be supplied printed or unprinted.

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Keep Track of Your Cables with PMG Identification Systems

Heat shrinkable and cold applied identification sleeves for pre and post termination of wire and cables. Resilient enough to maintain the printed information for as long as possible, these products are available in a variety of grades and formats, and can be supplied printed or unprinted. Organise and arrange your cables and wires easily with our cable identification solutions.

Complete Cable Management Solutions

We also supply printers to enable you to print and apply specific information to your cables yourself. These specialised printers are suited for printing on cable identification systems (normal printers cannot be used to print on cable management products). Designed to provide high quality personalised printing on your identification markers, they are a huge asset, particularly when you need a regular bulk order.

Everything You Need

When you buy a printer from us, we can also provide the software and printer ribbon. Thermal transfer ribbons come in a selection of specifications, colours and widths for your convenience. Black is industry standard or you can choose a colour.
Finally, we also supply printing software which can be utilised to completely customise and individualise labels, making them specific to your company or application.

To sum up, these systems are suited for a range of applications to mark and identify cables. From ladder format heat shrink markers, flattened identification tubing, to customised stainless steel markers, we are able to provide everything you need to label cables.

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