Moulded Parts

A range of moulded shapes, in a variety of materials, designed for use in specialist markets. These are available in straight and right-angle profiles, along with a variety of other shapes and modifications.

Can be applied in cable harness applications – other related products and accessories are also available.

Increase Cable Life

Heat shrink components can be used to fulfil a variety of requirements. Moulded transitions, connectors and adaptors can increase the durability of cables and prevent wear and tear that shortens their life. They can prevent cables from fraying and becoming less efficient especially at the point at which a bend occurs or where there is a connection. The use of shrinkable end caps and heat shrink moulded tubing is especially beneficial for cables that are otherwise exposed to the elements. Corrosion and moisture ingress are incredibly detrimental to performance and longevity, so protection and proofing are essential and using moulded parts improves resilience and reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

Protection and Durability

Moulded parts go perfectly with heat shrink tubing to create a sealed and safe environment for cables. By sealing moulded transitions or boots with heat shrink tubes, you can protect your cables from moisture both outside and inside. The combination of these items results in complete protection for cables. Whether the cable is indoors in a wet environment, outside and exposed to weather or in an environment that is likely to create condensation, complete protection is possible.
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