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Cable sealing

For cable sealing there are heat shrinkable adhesive lined tubing products, molded parts and a variety of solder and crimp devices.

Designed and manufactured from advanced materials these products, when combined, offer one of the most effective cable sealing systems available in the market place.

Adhesive lined products (also known as ‘dual wall’ or ‘glue lined’ products) are available in high shrink ratios and can be recovered or shrunk, to conform to substrates and provide environmental protection.

This protection is commonly used for the insulation and moisture blocking of wire to wire splices, connector to wire transitions or other applications within multi-core cables, cable harnesses and wiring looms.

The adhesive melts and flows during the installation process and provides an additional level of moisture protection against capillary ingress and wicking of fluids between the conductor strands. This process also delivers protection against corrosion and additional strain relief.

These user friendly and best in class products can provide:

  • Waterproofing
  • Encapsulation
  • Protection against wicking
  • Superior resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbons
  • Protection against abrasion
  • Protection against corrosion and oxidation
  • A barrier to dust and dirt

Areas of particular interest when sealing against moisture are:

  • Automotive – Engine compartment
  • Medical  – In body applications
  • Rail and mass transit
    • Rolling stock
    • Track side
  • Commercial electronics
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Defense ground vehicles

Products designed specifically with the purpose of sealing in mind, include the following:

  • PLDW100 & PLDW104 / ATUM
  • KBM100 / MT1000
  • TWBM100 /
  • FPBM100
  • CCBM100
  • SRDW
  • PLDR100 / DR-25
  • Moulded Shapes
  • Crimp and solder devices
  • PLV200
  • PLM100A
  • PLT100A
  • End Caps

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