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Rail & mass transit

Rail and mass transit

Demand on our rail network continues to increase with both passenger traffic and freight traffic due to rise by between 14-19% by 2019. Projects planned to help keep  pace  are Crossrail, Edinburg-Glasgow project & the Northern Hub. More generally electrification of the network will continue and there will be a focus on a high speed links both North/South and East/West.

Application Overview

The Rail & Mass Transit Industry can be segmented as follows:

  • Roofline Solutions
  • Power& Signal
  • Data Communications
  • Solutions for Electrified Railways

PMG are able to offer a comprehensive array of products will the appropriate Rail Industry approvals, for example NFF & NFX.

  • Zero Halogen Tubing
  • ZH100/PLZH100
  • Identification& Labelling/TTMS/CT300
  • HX-SCE identification sleeves
  • System 6 Printers and Ribbons
  • Terminals & Splices
  • Medium Wall, Heavy Wall & Bus Bar Tubing
  • MWTM/PLM100A
  • WCSM/PLT100A
  • Braided Zero Halogen Sleeving
  • UL Flame Retarded Braided Sleeving/Versaflex FR/PPS-FR
  • EMI Shielding Wrap
  • Polyester Self Closing Wrap
  • Silicone Coated Braided Glass Fibre Sleeving/Isotex
  • PPS-VSW/Velcro Shielding Wrap
  • Polyester Expandable Braid/PPS
  • LUGS/ HD
  • Bus Bar Sleeving/BBIT BBTM

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