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Cable wrap packaging

With this heat shrink packaging service, products can be packaged, labelled and boxed specifically to meet your needs.  Custom spools, spool sizes and customer specific labels are among the most common customer requests.

An array of standard packing options including tubing and braid products provided on spools ranging in quantity from 1800 meters (to aid with in-line cutting projects), right through to as little as 2 meters per reel.

Bespoke packaging is also supported. For example this can meet the requirements for private label business or those of catalogue houses.

You’ll also find options for standard spool users ranging from 200 meters for small bore tubing, through to 15 meters for the large diameters, as well as an array of packaging options for both large and small volume users.

Additionally there are custom packaging options on extruded and high performance products. This includes pre-production reel quantities on medical grade tubings, customised lengths on Sub-Lite wall and Catheter liner tubing and expandable braid in full reels, mini-boxes and cut to length.

For large volume users there is also a palletized delivery service throughout the UK and Europe. All our products are packaged to a high standard to ensure they reach their destination in excellent condition.

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