The Automotive Market and the products we use

Automotive Wiring Harness is an assembly of cables used in the interfacing of various electronic components; the Global automotive market is currently achieving an impressive compound annual growth rate of 8.96% and is estimated to grow to $70 billion by 2020.

Products for use in the Automotive Market

Our products are designed to provide automotive cable harness manufacturers with solutions to issues around abrasion resistance, vibration resistance, strain relief, encapsulation, noise reduction, insulation, heat protection, moisture ingress, and repair. If you have a cable harnessing application PMG Company can provide a cost effective, high quality yet competitive solution.

In addition PMG are able to offer a comprehensive range of Value Added ServicesBespoke PackagingKittingCuttingPrinting and a range of Logistical Solutions including scheduling and Kanban.

Application Overview

PMG can offer an extensive range of heat shrink tubing, braided sleeving and cable harnessing components available for use in automotive applications and the list below highlights just some of our capability and specialisations.

Products Available on Request. Please Contact Us to Place an Order.

  • DR-TW Thinwall
  • DWTC
  • RW-375
  • RW-200
  • RPPM
  • CGAT
  • RNF100
  • RP48-100
  • BSTS
  • ES-1000
  • ES-2000
  • PPS-HS
  • PPS-SIL-4
  • Convoluted tubing
  • Wire and Cable
  • Moulded Parts
  • Cable Wrap,Velcro Shielding/Braided/Multifilament/ Zipper/ Spiral Wrap
  • PET Anti-Abrasion Sleeving
  • Metallic Sleeving
  • Aluminium Heat Reflective Fibreglass Sleeving
  • Moulded Parts
  • RBK-ILS-125 Dual Wall Electrical Slice Encapsulation Tubing

Overview of Our Additional Services

Often you’ll need more than just heat shrink products – you’ll need some value added services. PMG Company offer of these services to help meet your needs such as:

Print on a range of heat shrinkable tubing and identification products via our own specialist printing facility. A wide selection of text and graphics are available including logos and bar codes.

Various tubings and sleevings cut or spooled to almost any length you require via our own in-house manufacturing facility. Our equipment allows us to cut your product through a number of ways:

  1. Hot knife cutters – for cutting braid and prevent fraying.
  2. Standard vertical blade cutters – for accurately and clean cutting of heat shrink sleeve
  3. Tolerance cutters – for tight cut length tolerances, as well as controlled angle of the cut.
  4. High volume commercial – used for high quantity runs

This cut piece service is available in bags of 100 pieces, 500 pieces and 1000 pieces as standard. Numbers can be customised if required.

A wide range of kitting options are available ranging from simple customised assorted heat shrink boxes, through to bespoke ready to build harness kits.

From simple scheduling, to Kanban or ‘Just-in-time’ systems, our experienced logistics team can provide a tailor made solution to maximise the efficiency of inventory control and deliveries. We offer free (on orders over £50) next day delivery on all UK orders ex stock on our website.

Products can be packaged, labelled and boxed specifically to meet your needs.  Custom spool sizes and customer specific labels are most commonly requested.

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On the basis of vehicle type the Global automotive wire harnessing market is segmented as follows:

  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Hybrid Vehicles
  • Sub-sets would include  Motor Sports and Power Sports


Passenger and Commercial vehicles account for 82% of the total automotive market in 2014, Hybrid Cars are the only segment predicted to show a decline due to the relatively high cost of the wiring harnesses.