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Ethics policy

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

PMG Company:

  • Are committed to equal opportunity and fair treatment for all employees.
  • Prohibit discrimination on the basis of an individual’s race, colour ,religion ,sex ,age ,national origin ,citizenship ,status, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other protected status.
  • Demonstrate fair treatment in all employment practices, including those related to recruiting, hiring and training; promotions, pay and benefits; and transfers and workforce reductions.
  • Base employment decisions on an individual’s qualifications and experience as they relate to the job and any applicable union collective bargaining agreements.
  • Comply with all applicable civil rights, human rights and labour laws, everywhere we operate.

Any activity that violates individual dignity is prohibited- even if the activity is permissible under applicable law.

Fair Competition

PMG Company commit to:

  • Compete lawfully and ethically around the world.
  • Never discuss bids or prices with competitors or agree to divide customers , markets or territories.
  • Don’t discriminate in the prices or terms and services we offer similarly situated customers.
  • Avoid making disrespectful or disparaging comments about our competitors’ products or services.

Anti-Bribery And Anti-Corruption

PMG Company commit to:

  • Understand that violations of anti-bribery laws can result in lawsuits , substantial fines and jail time and also lead to severe reputational harm for companies and individuals.
  • Understand that we are subject to the laws of multiple countries as they relate to bribery and corruption and we must avoid even the appearance of something improper.
  • Never offer, promise or give financial or other benefit to gain improper advantage.
  • Never request, agree to receive or receive any financial benefit from someone as an inducement to do something improper.
  • Choose carefully when selecting business partners.

Anti-Money Laundering

PMG Company commit to never associate with anyone engaged in criminal  activity, including money laundering.