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Heat shrink collection box

A full kitting service, from simple customised assorted heat shrink boxes through to bespoke, ready to build harness kits.

All kits are offered in the form of pre-packaged bills of materials, components lists and self build harness kits.

Also available are customer specific heat shrink kits and ‘assorti’ boxes. These boxes can be multi size and multi colour or a mixture of both. In other words you can tailor a kit to suit your usage or the requirements of your customers and end users.

Whether it’s heat shrink, braided sleeves, solder and/or crimp devices – design a kit and we will assemble, package and supply it directly to you, minimising the complexity of your orders and reducing cost.

Here at PMG our philosophy is all about adding value and maximising our usefulness to you and the kitting service is key to this.

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