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Insulation Sleeving

A large and comprehensive range of heat shrinkable tubing that is ideal for the insulation of wire and cabling. We can also offer a range of expandable braided sleeve products for use in insulating and cut through protection.

Application Examples

1. Insulate and strain-relieve wire terminations and connections
For this application, use the following general purpose heat shrinkable tubing:

  • PLF100/RNF100
  • LTF100/CGPT
  • PLF103/RNF3000

2. Circuit Boards
To insulate components on a PCB such as capacitors and fuses use our UL VW-1 approved heat shrinkable tubing

3. Superior electrical insulation
For superior insulation use these high performance products:

  • PVDF
  • PLK 175
  • KBM 100

KBM100 can also be used to insulate electrodes and electro-surgical surgical instruments.

4. High Voltage
For applications up to 33kV, use these medium and heavy wall products:

  • PLM100A/MWTM
  • PLT100A/WCSM

Additionally, our range of end caps can be used to insulate wire and cable terminations.

5. Other insulators
The following also offer superior insulation values:

  • PTFE
  • PEEK
  • FEP both heat shrinkable and extruded

All are available in standard wall thicknesses right through to sub-Lite wall thicknesses.

6. High Temperature Electrical Equipment
These high performance braided and knitted sleevings can be used as primary insulation in all types of high temperature rated electrical equipment appliances:

  • PPS-SIL4/Pro-Power
  • SIL4

6. Domestic appliances
PPS-Sil can be used for insulation on heat elements and domestic appliances.
PPS-ACR/Pro-Power ACR is commonly used as insulation of winding lead outs and class F rated induction motors and lead outs.

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