Specialists in heat-shrink tubing and cable-harnessing products

Specialists in heat-shrink tubing and cable-harnessing products

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Can You Supply Your Products In Cut Lengths?

Heat Shrink and Braid Cut Lengths

Can you supply your products in cut lengths?

Here at PMG Company we have our own in-house cutting shop that enables us to supply cut lengths on the vast majority of our various tubings and sleevings.  These products can be cut to almost any length you require and we can control the cutting very closely allowing for tight tolerances to be adhered to.

Customer requirements are becoming ever more complex and it’s clear that additional support is required.  That’s why PMG Company took the decision to set up a range of additional services, key to the list is the cutting shop.  It give you, our customers the flexibility you require.

If you need a braided or a heat shrinkable sleeving product in cut lengths or supplied cut to a specific tolerance, then look no further. Our ‘in house’ cutting shop is equipped with a range of specialised cutting machines including:

  • Hot knife cutters – for cutting braid and prevent fraying.
  • Standard vertical blade cutters – for accurate and clean heat shrink sleeve cutting
  • Tolerance cutters – for tight cut length tolerances, as well as controlled angle of the cut.
  • High volume commercial – used for high quantity runs

As a standard offering, our cut length service is available in bags of 100 pieces, 250 pieces, 500 pieces and 1000 pieces as standard.   Obviously, for bulk enquiries or small batch runs, we are happy to help and the numbers can be customised where needed.

For more information on our cutting services, please click here.

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