Printer Ribbons for identification products

Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbons.

Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbons

Thermal transfer printer ribbons are available in various colours and widths for different applications.

Our standard black ribbons are available in two sizes and can be used on all of our printers and in conjunction with all of our products:

Product DescriptionRibbon Width (mm)Ribbon Length (m)ColourUOM
FTI-Y-110X360-BK 110360Black1 Piece
FTI-Y-55X360-BK 55360Black1 Piece
FTI-X-100X360-BK100360Black1 piece

The FTI-Y is the standard thermal transfer ribbon and complies to the mark permanence and chemical resistance of SAE AS 8153 and the related testing.

The FTI-x is a heavy duty, highly durable thermal transfer ribbon and meets all elements of SAE AS 8153.

Please note that products do not always use the same media ribbons so please check with our sales team if you have any questions.

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