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MICROTUBE Microbore Medical Grade Heat Shrink

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The Microtube heat shrink tubing product range is available in three material types; two have FDA USP Class VI approval, our KBM100 and TWBM100. Both of these tubing materials will be of interest to compact active medical device manufacturers, requiring a high shrink ratio microbore tubing. The Microtube is also available in a commercial material type – our PLK175 Kynar. All three sleeving material types are ideal for electrical insulation, mechanical protection and strain relief where a microbore construction is required.

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Microtube is micro-sized, heat shrinkable tubing that offers a high shrink ratio (up to 3:1) and fits a range of diameters from 0.178mm to 1.143mm. It is offered in a variety of materials including two medical-grade formulations from our line of medical grade heat shrinkable tubing products. Microtube provides electrical insulation, mechanical protection, and strain relief for use in the smaller and more compact medical devices and commercial electronics products that we manufacture today.

As the complexity of the cabling we use increases, there is also a requirement for their miniaturization, this is particularly key in medical devices where in-body uses require the products are as small and invasive as possible.  This requirement can help to massively reduce the impact on the human body and aid recovery and healing times – Microtube has been designed specifically with such applications in mind and as such is used extensively by the medical device manufacturers.

Microtube has a high shrink ratio eases installation since the tubing’s diameter is large enough to slide easily over the micro-sized substrate. Yet, upon heating, the same tubing shrinks to fit tightly on a wide range of substrate diameters. Microtube is offered in three materials: PLK175, KBM100, and TWBM100.

KBM100 and TWBM100 meet the requirements of U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI.  The PLK175 and KBM100 tubings utilize a tough semirigid fluoropolymer. They are especially suitable for applications requiring high temperature performance, outstanding resistance to abrasion and cut-through, and excellent resistance to a variety of fluids.

A high quality Kynar™ material that meets the NASA requirements for low outgassing materials.

This medical grade tubing may be sterilized by radiation, ethylene oxide, steam, and dry heat with no significant change in physical properties.

This medical grade tubing is manufactured from a tough, modified polyolefin that offers flexibility, lubricity, and good electrical insulation performance and its low shrink temperature enables the tubing to shrink faster than other materials with similar attributes, thereby reducing the risk of damage to temperature sensitive substrates. MT2000 tubing may be sterilized by gamma radiation or ethylene oxide with no significant change in physical properties.
Standard colours: Black and transparent.