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MT-6000 Medical Grade Heat Shrink Tubing

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MT6000 is Altera medical grade, USP Class VI, high shrink ratio polyolefin tubing.

Technical Data Sheet

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Designed for applications that need 4:1 or larger shrink ratios. Provides excellent electrical insulation performance and resistance to abrasion and harmful solvents. Also used for strain relief, color coding, identification of components and devices, and process aid.

4:1 shrink ratio or greater
Custom and larger shrink ratios available
Flexible; variety of colors
Excellent electrical insulation properties
Inner adhesive lining optional (MT6000A)
USP Class VI material, no heavy metals
Plastic spools and doublebagged packaging
Compatibility with gamma and ETO sterilization
RoHS compliant


Minimum shrink temperature: 90°C [194°F]
Minimum full recovery temperature: 110°C [230°F]

Operating Temperature Range

-70°C to 90°C [-94ºF to 194ºF]
Color: Standard Black (-0), clear (-X)
Nonstandard Blue (-6), red (-2), white (-9), yellow (-4), green (-5)
Size selection: Always order the largest size that will recover snugly over the substrate.
Special order sizes are available upon request.
Standard packaging: On plastic spools, double-bagged
Ordering description: Specify product name, size and color (for example, MT6000-3/16-X)
Specify MT6000A for adhesive-lined constructions (special order)