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TFE250(4X) High Performance Heat Shrink Tubing

£69.75£531.00 (incl. VAT)

From £69.75

Technical Data Sheet

Enabled: 1

Attr: pa_diameter-mm


Status: 1

Attr Value:

Attr Value no pa_: 3.2 | 4.8 | 6.4 | 9.5 | 12.7 | 19.1 | 25.4

SKU: TFE250 Category:


TFE250 is a 4:1 Ratio PTFE heat shrinkable tubing which has almost total chemical and solvent resistance. TFE250 will withstand a continuous operating temperature of 250°C, has extremely high electrical resistance and total resistance to UV radiation. Teflon has many applications throughout industry, and its unique properties allow these tubings to solve problems not possible with other materials.

High temperature, chemical resistant, fluoroplastic heat shrink tubing
4:1 Shrink Ratio
Shrink Temperature >330°C
Non Flammable
Solvent Resistant
Chemical Resistant
Operating Temperature -67°C to +250°C

Standard colour: Transparent
Full details on technical specifications, test methods and values are available on request.

Additional information

Diameter (mm)

3.2, 4.8, 6.4, 9.5, 12.7, 19.1, 25.4



Length (m)

6, 20



Max operating temperature


Shrink ratio



Def. Stan., RoHs, SAE-AMS-DTL

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