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Miniaturisation & Weight Reduction

Products designed and manufactured specifically to the reduce the weight and the space requirements of electronic systems.

Physical space and weight efficiency requirements are increasingly important in the manufacture of electronic systems, which can mean more miniature and/or lightweight components are needed.  These considerations are particularly important within high tech and innovate markets and applications such as:

  • Medical
    • Invasive surgical devices – Keyhole products used to limit damage to the body
  • Commercial aircraft
    • Less weight = less fuel
    • Increasing ‘on board’ electronics
    • increase space within the cabin
  • Military Vehicles
    • Fighter aircraft
    • Ships and boat
    • Tanks
    • Ground vehicles
  • Automotive
    • More efficient vehicles
    • More electronics
    • Greater reliability

We offer a full range of products that have been designed specifically with weight and space saving concerns in mind.

Products for miniaturisation: