LSTT Low Shrink Temperature Heat Shrink Tubing

LSTT is a low shrink temperature general purpose polyolefin tubing, designed for commercial applications where a low shrink temperature is an important factor. LSTT will start to shrink at temperatures over 70°C and will fully recover at 95°C.

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LSTT Product Overview

LSTT is a highly flexible, low-temperature heat shrink tubing.  Its low shrink temperature not only offers ultra fast recovery for maximum efficency but also allows for use on or near delicate and temperature sensitive materials such as PVC jacketed wires and cables.  Although the product is not flame-retardant, LSTT does meet the automotive flame propagation standard MVSS 302.

The Raychem range of heat shrinkable products  (now owned by TE Connectivity) are world renowned as the market leading brand and these products are the standard bearer, offering the best performing and highest quality product available.  The LSTT product is the original low shrink temperature heat shrink tubing and although there are now many alternative copies available, none of these have the track record and performance history of LSTT.

Undoubtedly, LSTT is ‘The King’ of the low shrink temperature heat shrink products.

Features & Benefits

  • 2:1 shrink ratio
  • Rapid recovery at low temperatures
  • Can be used with temperature sensitive materials
  • Flexible
  • Excellent physical and electrical performance
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Insulation & protection of delicate and heat sensitive substrates
  • Electrical termination insulation
  • Cosmetic coverings
  • Mechanical protection
  • Versatile in commercial and industrial sectors for its abrasion resistance and cosmetic appeal.

Ordering Details

Ordering Size (Inches)Minimum ID Supplied (mm)Maximum ID Recovered (mm)Recovered Wall Thickness (mm)Standard Spool Size (m)
1 1/238.0038.001.0525

Technical Data

Installation temperature
Longitudinal change
+1% -10%
Dielectric strength
15 kV/mm minimum
Heat ageing
168 hours at 125oC
4 hours at 150oC
Low temperature flexibility4 hours at -45oC
Fire hazard
Burn rate of 100mm/min
maximum to FMVSS302
Fluid resistance
At 23o
C for 24 hours for the
following fluids:
Lubricating oil to J1703
Battery acid
Antifreeze/water 50% v/v
SpecificationsMVSS 302 RoHS Compliant

Standard colour: Black
Other available colours are: Red, yellow, blue, white, green and transparent.

Full details on technical specifications, test methods and values are available on request.

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