Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing/sleeving and cable insulation products in a range of materials and shrink ratios. Designed for: insulation, bundling, protection, strain relief, identification, chemical & abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, encapsulation and for aesthetic purposes.

From general purpose thin walled & adhesive lined tubing to high temperature and specialist compounds such as diesel resistance and products that can be used outside of the atmosphere for use in ‘space’ applications, we can supply a solution that is tailor made for your application.  Simply chose from the categories below for more information or contact us to talk to an experienced industry professional.

A wide range of heat shrink tubing products

Heat shrinkable sleeve & tubing solutions from a range of materials with a variety of shrink ratios. They are designed for insulation, bundling, protection, strain relief, identification, chemical and abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, encapsulation, and for their cosmetic and aesthetic appeal. These products come in a vast selection of grades and sizes and have wide ranging applications.

Make use of our expertise

When you are choosing products you’ll need to consider materials, sizes, colours and shrink ratios – it is important that you select the tubing that works in your application. Our expertise means that it doesn’t matter if you want a standard black commercial heat shrink or an adhesive lined transparent tube – we can advise you and supply you with exactly what you need. Need some help deciding what you need?  contact us and we can advise you on what product best suits your needs.

Leaders in the Heat Shrink Industry

We will deliver UK wide, across Europe and internationally. Our experience in the stocking and distribution of cable harnessing products means we are dedicated to providing our customers with premium quality products as well as an efficient, reliable and knowledgeable service.